Ezra was a mage in Jorsin Alkestes's court, he was noted for his golden eyes. He was slightly less powerful than Alkestes in terms of raw power but while Alkestes had to study the arts of war, leadership and diplomacy in addition to magecraft, Ezra devoted himself to magecraft alone. It was the opinion of Acaelus Thorne that he was 'a magical genius that was born once in a 1000 years' 

In the war he lost everything including his fiancee and his sanity. He hid in a forest where he could work out his hatred, the forest later became known as "Ezra's Wood" It is later revealed that Ezra walled himself into the wood to fight The Reaver. He attempted to 'twist the twisted, back on the twister', this back-fired and merged him with The Reaver thus creating the Dark Hunter.

Ezra appears to Kylar as the being known as the Wolf on the event of his first death in the Antechamber of the Mystery. The Wolf features as a significant stand-point in death, refusing to see Kylar when he dies for money, and only appearing again when Kylar dies a third time. The Wolf feels sickened by Kylar's disregard for his own life, never realizing that Kylar is unaware of the cost of his immortality until much later, when he shares with Kylar, the many names and lives his master Durzo Blint had lived. The Wolf answers some of Kylar's more pertinent questions about his immortality each time they meet, but his truly important facts come at the realization that Kylar did not know about the Black Ka'kari's cost of immortality.

Kylar realized while holding Curoch, as Dorian Ursuul prepared the weaves of magic to rebuild Trayethell, and eradicate the advancing Krul simultaneously; at the moment the Dark Hunter touched Curoch, that he felt The Wolf's energy with the Dark Hunter's.