The Talent is the magic most commonly used in Midcyru. A Talented individual must have three different components to be able to express their Talent outwardly. The first is their Glore Vyrden, or life magic. This is the reserve that stores the power that can be directed as the user wishes. The second component is the ability to refill one's glore vyrden when it's empty - if one doesn't possess it, then they can use magic only once or twice during their whole lives. A person with such an ability usually replenishes their glore vyrden by absorbing sunlight or light from other sources. The final component is a conduit allowing the use of one's Glore Vyrden however they desire. This conduit can be small or blocked, limiting the maximum amount of magic one can use at a single time. A non-existent conduit is the sign of a ka'karifer, one ready to bond and use the ka'kari artifacts. Vir will temporarily strengthen the Talent, but over time, it destroys it.