Shu’ra is the classification levels denoting the amount of control a Meister, Vürdmeister, or Godking has over their vir. There are a total of thirteen Shu’ra, as the vir is connected to the Strangers, which have a numbering system based upon 13 instead of 10. The level that a Meister is able to attain depends upon the strength of their Talent, their innate magical skill, and the amount of time spent training in the use of the vir. The classification is based upon the amount of vir coving a meister’s body.

Meisters who reach the Tenth, Eleventh, or Twelfth Shu’ras are named Vürdmeisters, because something to do with these levels of power allows a Meister to summon various Krul and other dark creatures such as Pit Wyrms.

Only meisters of Roygaris Ursuul’s lineage can reach the Thirteenth Shu’ra and be proclaimed Godking, and even then not all of them are able to do so. It is for this reason that Godkings have so many children, in the hopes of finding an heir strong enough to master the vir. Attaining this level of power grants meisters complete and total control over the vir not only in themselves, but within others as well. A meister of this level is able to suppress, control, or remove the vir from other meisters, allowing Godkings to ensure their complete loyalty. It was implied that Dorian Ursuul could still have moderate control over the vir in other Meisters as long as he was close enough, though the only way to control the vir of another Ursuul descendant is through mastery of the Thirteenth Shu’ra, as only Garoth Ursuul was rumored to be able to do so.

All Godkings of Khalidor have reached the Thirteenth Shu’ra. Though Dorian Ursuul claimed the Throne even despite only having only reached the Twelfth Shu’ra, it is assumed that a Godking is only truly legitimate if he reaches the Thirteenth Shu’ra.