Jenine Gunder is the daughter of King Aleine Gunder IX.

Khalidoran InvasionEdit

Shortly before the Khalidoran Invasion King Aleine married Jenine off to Logan Gyre. During the invasion Roth Ursuul cut her throat in front of Logan. She was later saved by the Vürdmeister, Neph Dada, who healed her. During Godking Garoth Ursuul's reign over Cenaria, he planned to make her his queen so she could bear one of his seeds. However, due to the danger of keeping her in the castle, he sends her off to Khalidor to remain there.

Post-Khalidoran InvasionEdit

After Garoth Ursuul's death at the hands of Vi Sovari and Kylar Stern, Dorian Ursuul in search of the future wife he had envisioned with his prophetic powers. During that time he becomes a servant at the castle in Khaliras. He discovers that Jenine, his future wife is being held at Tygre Tower. He brings her food and keeps her company as he plans their escape. Shortly before their escape, the people learn of Garoth's death and chaos breaks out. Aethelings turned upon each other in a frantic fight to determine who would become the next Godking. In an attempt to escape during the confusion, Dorian kills an older aetheling, Paerek and assumes the title of Godking. He asks Jenine to stand at his side as he reigns as Godking Wanhope. Shortly thereafter they marry.

During the second battle at Black Barrow and the raising of Khali, Jenine is rescued by a special team sent by Logan. She returns to Logan, now High King of Midycru, and marries him, becoming Jenine Gyre, Queen of Midycru.