Jarl was Azoth's best friend from the Warrens. He stashed money in a sash on his tunic in hopes of one day leaving the Warrens. In response to Azoth gaining followers in the Black Dragon in an attempt to challenge Rat for leadership, he was raped by Rat and forced to become one of his "girls". Jarl was later picked by Momma K to become her successor to the Sa'Kage. After the Khalidoran coup, Jarl opened the Sa'Kage to go legit in Cenaria, and orchestrated the events leading to the Nocta Hemata, also known as the Night of Blood.


Before he could see his plans come to fruition however, he was killed by Vi while attempting to bring Kylar back in the Sa'Kage to rescue Logan Gyre and help assassinate the Godking. His death is the second death for Kylar's immortality, after Kylar allowed himself to be killed for money to help support Elene and Uly.