Hu Gibbet regarded himself as the best wetboy in Cenaria, but by most other inhabitants he was considered second to Durzo Blint; a fact that often enraged him and created much anger. He was an eager murderer, often causing maximum collateral damage, but in doing so appeared rather unprofessional. Viridiana Sovari was apprenticed to him, and in doing so was forcefully subjected to much immoral behaviour, eventually destroying her self-respect for her body. Hu raped Vi frequently from the time she hit puberty. Formally hired by the Sa'kagé, he turned traitor and broke his oaths with the help of Godking Garoth Ursuul during the Khalidoran occupation. A true sadist, he gleefully carried out killings under the Godking. Many of his victims were his former employers. He caused Viridiana to murder her mother and her mother's lover. The love and thirst for bloodshed led him to murder the entire Gyre household, including the lowliest servants and household members except for Logan Gyre and his father who were not in the mansion during the massacre. Later that night, Hu kills Regnus Gyre, along with the queen and her children, with the exception of Jenine Gunder, who was not present.

Hu was killed by Kylar Stern under the guise of the Night Angel when Hu was ordered by the Godking to kill the prostitues who were directly involved with the Nocta Hemeta. Kylar tied his cloak to a water wheel and set the wheel in motion, repeatedly pulling him under the water and nearly drowning him. Eventually, his head was caught between two massive gears and crushed.

Early lifeEdit

Both of Hubert Marion's (later Hu Gibbet) parents were wetboys themselves. They were abusive of him in his training, this possibly led to his sadistic streak and determination to be the best. Due to their life as a family they had a single home from which they operated from (it is unknown whether there were other safehouses around the city). Durzo killed both his parents on Momma K's orders as they may have killed her in her coup. Durzo refused to kill Hu at that time and asked Momma K to look after him and give him a home.


Hu Gibbet was a follower of Nysos, The God of Potent Liquids. When assaulting the Gyre residence, he forcibly bled them to leave what are called Nysos Puddles. He had also dedicated the massacre to Nysos.