Garoth Ursuul was the Godking of Khalidor and Dorian Ursuul's father.

He was about 50 years old in the books and still maintained an athletic physique. Being Khalidoran, he showed cruelty to those he conquered. He also kept a harem of women whom he tormented, and among them were Serah and Magdalyn Drake until they killed themselves.

His mastery of the vir was supreme, and he was capable of building ferali. He was cautious of the consequences, so he only summoned two. As a result, he hosts two Strangers, Lust and Pride, within his body.

Behind the scenesEdit

Garoth Ursuul didn't actually appear in The Way of Shadows but his meisters, Vurdmeisters, and soldiers did. His Hand who controlled his network of spies, Neph Dada, also mentioned Garoth as the Godking to Garoth's son, Roth Ursuul many times.

Garoth Ursuul debuted in Shadow's Edge. He maintains control over Cenaria until Kylar Stern and Vi Sovari kill him.