Elene Cromwyll, as a young girl, grew up with Azoth and Jarl, and was known as a mute until she cried out at Azoth to not leave her as he left to apprentice with Durzo. Her face is mutilated by Rat, as a warning to Azoth when he begins to gain followers in the Black Dragon. She is later named Elene by the Cromwylls when she comes to live with them. Although her face is scarred, she possesses an inner beauty which is reflected through her gentleness and kindness. She leaves Cenaria with Kylar to start a new life and become herbalists. After Kylar leaves to save Logan, she is kidnapped and is able understand Kylar after she doesn't regret killing an evil Khalidoran. She dies at the end of the series as Khali posseses her and Kylar is forced to kill her.

Personality and appearance’Edit

Elene Cromwyll

She is deeply religious and follows the faith in "the One God." Her kindness, generosity, faith, love as well as decency and morality are often talked about in the highest regards, except when Kylar is unable to make love to her in the second trilogy because they are not properly married.

She is described as blonde with huge brown eyes and a lovely figure with soft pale skin that is marred by her facial scars given to her by Rat; a cross cut on her full lips, another on her cheek, and a looping cut from the corner of her mouth to the corner of her eye.