A respected Cenarian wetboy and one of Durzo Blint's few friends, Scarred Wrable was contracted by Terah Graesin to kill Durzo, not knowing it was Kylar disguised, and killed him with an arrow through the chest, causing Kylar's third death as an immortal. He was later contracted by King Logan Gyre to rescue Kylar from his death at the Wheel, but Kylar refused. He was given his name due to the numerous scars on his body. These scars are self inflicted including one on his chest. Under the impression that the symbol on his pendant confirmed his heritage as a Gorathi kings son he carved the symbol into his chest. Durzo revealed the symbol he had carved meant "split-head" which translates as moron. The reverse (and true side) of the pendant meant "split-heart." This was the kind of pendant that would confirm that he was in fact Friaki royalty.

Training DurzoEdit

When Durzo first came to Cenaria under the guise of Gaelan Starfire Momma K (then Gwinevere Kirena) planned to craft him into a wetboy and kill off the few other wetboys who could have prevented her taking the role of Shinga. In order for this to happen, she employed Ben Wrable to do this. After introducing Durzo to many of the talents he would require in his quest to become the best wetboy in Cenaria (including giving him the first books on poisons Durzo owned, which he promptly memorized). Durzo non-lethally poisoned Ben under the pact of arutayro after informing him of his heritage. He did this so he could fully transform from Gaelan Starfire to Durzo and kill the shinga.